Xbox Series Z Portable – Is It Real or Just Rumors?

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Xbox Series Z

The Xbox is one of the most famous gaming consoles, if not the most popular one. Microsoft, a well-known tech company, powers the Xbox, which is well known for its excellent gaming experiences. Ever since the launch of PlayStation 5, Xbox fans have been anxiously waiting for any updates or new models to be launched in comparison to Sony’s latest creation! The last Xbox model still performing outstandingly in the market is the Series X|S, launched in 2020.

Xbox Series Z

Xbox announced the release of Series S Carbon in 2023, but in the last few months we have seen a lot of hustle on social media about Xbox Series Z Portable! Xbox hadn’t focused on handheld gaming devices since its presence in the market, so the gossip about this new model has captured the attention of even the most loyal PlayStation gamers.

There has been no official confirmation or trailer release for the Series Z Portable. Still, if you want to know whether it is real and about its speculated specifications, read this article.

Is The Xbox Series Z Portable Console Real?

As previously mentioned, Microsoft’s official handle has not confirmed or denied anything. The popular video creator “I’m Kashama” shared a concept model video of the portable design in the video that has attracted millions of gamers’ attention.

The US-based gaming tech giant has recently announced the Carbon series release, so there is close to no chance that there is a possibility of the Series Z being real. Kashama is quite popular for creating videos on futuristic concepts, especially regarding gadgets, and the Xbox Series Zed video is one of his most recent concepts.

The Xbox Series Z portable console is not real, and the company has not yet confirmed this. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see any portable versions of the famous Xbox in the future. Maybe Kashama’s concept will become real in the upcoming years.

Specification of Xbox Series Z

Well, we cannot confirm or deny this model’s specifications. The console has a minimalistic design and a sleek black color, according to the Kashama-created video. The console also has a foldable screen, and its size is almost the same as a regular Android tablet. Inside the console cover, you can also find a small screen, like on the Nintendo DS. In addition to this, there is a built-in controller and touchpad on the bottom half of the console. 

We can hope that this concept will materialize because the specifications and design displayed in Kashama’s video are undeniably quite realistic and believable at the same time.


According to the concept, the Xbox Series Z is the most powerful and portable console ever made in the history of gaming consoles. The console is so powerful that it can easily support and run 4K resolution and, surprisingly, 60 frames per second. The concept shows that this gaming console could support 4K at 60 fps. In addition to this, the Xbox Series Zed also supports HDR gaming and one of the finest Dolby Atmos sound systems.

Other than this, we cannot say much more about the features of this gaming console as we haven’t seen it, nor can we confirm any of them from the official website or Xbox. We can wait for any confirmation or trailer releases from the company to know more about its imaginary features.

Xbox Series Z Portable Release Date 

The concept video was released in 2022, and viewers have been speculating about its release date or year. Xbox has confirmed nothing, so we have no official release date to disclose. After almost one year of speculation and waiting, we can surely say that the Xbox Series Z (if there is any) will not be launched this year or in the upcoming two to three years. Maybe we can expect portable models from Xbox in the 2030s. We would have to wait to see whether Kashama’s concepts become reality or die as rumors.


In conclusion, we can safely say that the Xbox Series Z is a current rumor. We don’t know if any such portable console is being designed, if Microsoft plans to build such products, or if they will release them soon. We can only say that this futuristic gaming console has confused and triggered many viewers and gamers worldwide, so we suggest you stop thinking about this imaginary console based on AI-rendered graphics and focus on real machines like the Carbon Series or PS5!

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