What Does Sleeper Build Mean on Social Media?

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You have come to the right place if you are a social media geek like us. In this modern and highly digital world, it isn’t easy to stay on top of and know all about social media’s existing and upcoming trends. But TikTok is one intriguing platform that can surely be a leading source for you to learn about the latest trends and other hot news. Today, in this guide post, we will talk about an interesting trend gaining popularity called “Sleeper Build”. Keep reading if you have seen this hashtag on any social media platform and are wondering what it means and where it originally came from.

What Does a Sleeper Build?

For those of you who are not familiar with sleeper builds, you would certainly know about the ripped “bod,” which is usually a term for someone with a defined muscle tone. These people do not have to showcase their bodies through flexes, as they are constantly on display. Now, the sleeper build is the opposite of the ripped body.

A sleeper build refers to the body of a person who doesn’t have a muscular look when relaxed; rather, they have to flex to show their muscles. In other words, sleeper build is the type of build or physique in which a person looks slim and skinny or doesn’t exercise. 

Now, to exaggerate this concept and present it as fun, many social media influencers wear baggy clothes to show that they are skinny and shock viewers later by stripping and flexing their bodies.

A sleeper build can also be used for people who look very young or have baby faces for a muscled body. 

Where Did This Term Come from?

Most of you might think that the term Sleeper Build originated on TikTok, but the fact is that this term has nothing to do with social media. Instead, it was first used as computer or car slang. This term was used to refer to a system with a body of old 80s and 90s PCs and the latest processing unit and technology. Similarly, in the car world, it was referred to as a vintage car body with an engine and a newer model’s specifications.

Popular Examples

If you want to be a sleeper and build yourself and are looking for inspiration, it is best that you check out the examples we have mentioned here in this section.

  1. Christian Bale

We all know Christian Bale from Batman, if not from The Machinist. Christian Bale is quite popular for his body transformations and his recent role in the movie “Vice,” in which he played Vice President Dick Cheney. He managed to gain over 20 kg, which was quite dramatic for his fans. 

  1. Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy is another popular Hollywood star known for having a sleeper builder and his amazing body transformations. One of the most amazing examples of his body transformation is his role in the movie “Legend, ” where he played the Kray Twins. He had to lose and gain weight to play both characters.

Example of Sleeper Build in Context!

There are many examples of this term when used in textual form. 

For Example:

Have you ever seen Abraham Flex? Holy Shit! The guy looks so skinny, but when I saw him flex, bro, I could tell you have a ripped sleeper build!

Pic Credits (Reddit)

Is There Anything Wrong with Having a Sleeper Build?

Well, there is nothing wrong with having a sleeper build. This is probably the best option if you want to lose weight and create a lean figure. Youngsters are usually ashamed of having a sleeper build, but there should be no shame, whether you are going for it or a more aggressive look. The golden rule here is to set a goal that aligns with what you want, and your body is physically capable of having a sleeper body, good or bad; it totally depends on your liking for it.

How Do I Get a Sleeper Build?

Like other body types and builds, you need to put in the effort and the required workout for the sleeper build. Sleeper muscles are built into slim bodies. This means building this body would require more focus and effort. You need to watch what you eat, what kind of exercise you do, etc. Here is a to-do list to help you get a sleeper built.

Check That Diet

A balanced diet is essential to any exercise lifestyle. A diet high in protein is always required when a muscular body is the main goal. Steer clear of meals high in processed carbohydrates and empty calories since they will make the body store fat. You must instead go for lean proteins such as chicken or fish.

Consider a Caloric Deficit

If you want a sleeper to build and carry more weight than you should, you should go for a caloric deficit. This has a lot of benefits for people who have set specific amounts of calories they need to consume to get the right build. However, note that this tip is only helpful for people who consume more calories than they should normally. It is best to consult a doctor or nutritionist before practicing a caloric-deficit diet. 

Start Lifting Weights

If you want to build muscles, which is very important for a sleeper, you must start picking up weight. You need to start weightlifting, as it will help you focus on your upper body, which is important for the sleeper’s build. It is best that you consult a body trainer so that you can practice the right amount of reps required to build a sleeper body and not more. 

These three tips and tricks can help you in your journey to get the best sleeper build and surprise viewers and your friends on social media.

Final Thoughts

A sleeper build is a term that refers to a person who looks slim or weak until they start flexing their body and showing muscles. They have a lean body unless they are flexing it. The trend of sleeper builds started on social media when influencers with muscular bodies started hiding their bodies under baggy clothes and revealing their bodies in public to get live reactions and impress their fans. If you want to be a sleeper, consider the tips mentioned in this post.

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