What is MCM Client? – Benefits, Features, & More!

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what is mcm client

In this modern era of business, enhanced productivity and device security are paramount to success. As the number of mobile users increases every day, the demand for secure management systems like MCM has increased a lot. By using systems like MCM, one can easily manage content in a very secure and effective manner.

Ever since COVID-19, a lot of businesses from all across the globe have become quite flexible with their remote working policies. They have allowed their employees to work from home through their portable devices (mobiles/tablets).

MCM Client-like software programs can help a business keep its data private and well-regulated even if its employees are working remotely.

If you are new to the concept of MCM client and don’t know much about this software, we would suggest you read this article. In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed in detail what MCM Client is and its various features.

If you really want to improve the user experience, work productivity, data security, and manage your clients in an effective manner, you should definitely get MCM today!

What Is MCM Client?

MCM is short for Mobile Content Management System. This refers to the content management system that allows users to store, manage, and even deliver all sorts of content to portable devices, including mobiles, tabs, and personal digital assistants.

MCM Client is a management system for agents that can be installed on mobile devices, particularly Android. The purpose of this software program is to allow safe and secure access to company data and its management.

Moreover, the program also allows users to pose certain restrictions that can protect company data from access by third parties. This program, to your knowledge, can also help prevent any malware or virus from attacking your data.

So, if you want clients to view, save, or share company-related content within a secure authentication system, you should get an MCM client. A few functions of the MCM client app include:

  • Secure file transfers and communication between employees and the business.
  • Sending and receiving multiple files, messages, and calls without any hassle.
  • Connecting to the main server of your company while staying remote
  • Preventing all kinds of viruses, spyware, and malware from accessing your mobile device 


There are tons of features in this management program, but here in this post, we have discussed in detail the most popular ones. 

Access Controls

The biggest feature of this platform is that it lets you restrict access to data and content by setting multiple authentications and approvals. A business can easily control what data is available for viewing by its employees and clients.

Subsequently, employees can also restrict and control what content can be downloaded and shared. You must also know that it also needs to have some basic authentication systems, such as private user IDs and strong passwords. The program also enables users to set up a multi-factor authentication system.

Multi-Channel Content Delivery

MCM clients can also allow the delivery of content on different channels, including smartphones and tablets. Users can also set location-based delivery restrictions, which would help them distribute data to targeted locations. This way, one can distribute ads, directions, important information, and other relevant data to the target audience living in specific regions.

Supports Multiple File Formats

Another important feature of this mobile content management system is that it can easily support multiple file formats. This means users can save and share content or important data in Word, PDF, PPT, Excel, and many other formats. You must also know that MCM also supports multiple formats for multimedia content, including mp4, jpg, PPTX, etc. 

Adaptable Templates

If you have been using content management systems in the past, you would know that they offer general templates that work on specific browsers. This is not the case with MCM Client, as it provides a variety of pre-designed templates that are adaptable and can work on all types of browsers and portable devices. This is the very reason that MCM is known for improving the user experience.

Document Viewer

It also provides a document viewer feature that allows the user to open and view all kinds of file formats. Because of the built-in document feature of MCM, one doesn’t have to find and install third-party applications for opening files.

By avoiding third-party document-viewing apps, one can easily reduce the risk of data theft. The built-in document viewer would make the experience safer for clients.

Document Segregation

Another important feature of this management system is that it allows users to categorize their data or documents. There is no restriction on document segregation. One can sort and categorize documents by name, tags, subjects, and many other parameters. This makes content management very easy and makes all data accessible to relevant parties.

Secure Storage

The most popular feature and USP of the MCM client is that it uses a very secure data storage system. The software program uses the most advanced security protocols and encryptions, which can add security to documents and data.

One can also add a multifactor authentication system, which would add an additional layer of security. This doesn’t only ensure security for data available online but also for data that is available offline on backup drives. This makes the data secure and safe, even if the application crashes.

Easy Collaboration

Another one of our personal favorite features of this management program is that it allows the user to collaborate with clients and fellow employees. The collaboration feature of this program can easily help you view and modify the content of any type in real-time.

Team members who are working remotely can access documents anytime and anywhere they want because of this feature. In addition to this, you should know that if anyone from the admin team modifies or updates the content, the modified version will be automatically updated on the server and backup drive.


What are MCM Client Apps?

MCM client applications are basically the resources that are designed and developed to prevent all kinds of malware and viruses on your company-related data from being accessed or stored on your mobile. To ensure privacy and security, there are many security protocols and settings applied. As a result of these settings and restrictions, all kinds of interference and unnecessary involvement are blocked.

Today, there are many popular MCM client applications, or, shall we say, solutions, that you can install on your Android devices and ensure data security. Some of the most popular options have been mentioned below for your knowledge:

  • Manage Engine MDM Plus
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Solution 
  • IBM MAAS360
  • SOTI MOBIControl Management 
  • Miradore Mobile Device Management 
  • Simply Secure for Android 
  • AirWatch Workspace: ONE MDM Solution  

Who Installed the MCM Client on My Phone?

If you have MCM on your mobile and are wondering who has installed it on your device, you should know that someone from the IT department might have installed the app on your phone as a part of their job. It  will generally be installed on your phone if you are planning on working remotely from home.

If you have any questions or concerns about the software program and how to use it efficiently, you should get in touch with the IT department of the support team of your company. 

Can You Uninstall the MCM Client App?

Yes, the uninstallation process is quite simple. If you have not installed the MCM client app by yourself or you no longer wish to use it, you can get rid of it. But before you uninstall, you must be aware that all important information and data will be removed from your device. This also includes your saved preferences and settings. To uninstall the MCM Client App:

  • Go to the settings menu of your device 
  • Locate the application section 
  • Click on the “MCM Client” icon
  • Tap the “Uninstall” button

Alternatives to the MCM Client on Android Phones

MCM client applications can cause a lot of issues related to request processing, especially if you are using them on your Android phone. Here, we have listed some of the alternative applications you can use against the MCM client app. 


It is a very powerful task management application that is designed for Android users. This app can be used for a lot of different purposes, including task automation, data security, etc. The app is very customizable and can be used for different things, like turning on/off your Wi-Fi at home or sending out a text message when you are leaving for work.


This is another application that can be used to automate petty tasks on your mobile device. The special feature of this application is that it allows you to connect different apps and services together. 

Macro Droid

Macro Droid is another great alternative to MCM Client. The app is very easy to use and comes with many predesigned task templates you can easily use to streamline different tasks with just a few clicks. You can also create your own tasks with the built-in task manager and editor.

Automate It

Automate IT, as the name tells us, is another brilliant app that is used to automate anything and everything on your phone. From business communications to data sharing, you can do a lot with this app. The app comes with tons of features, including scheduling tasks, location detection, universal controls, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many pros and cons to using this mobile management system. In this section, we have discussed in detail both the advantages and disadvantages of using this app on your mobile device.


  • First, you should know that by using this application, you can prevent all kinds of data loss. It provides you with proper access controls and a centralized version of all data, which you can lock with strong encryption. You also have the option to back up certain document files and restrict data sharing. 
  • The MCM client application would also help you get better control of activities like data saving and sharing. It offers many options for both employers and employees, which can enhance collaboration and increase workplace productivity. The app provides better compliance, which is very important for users who are working remotely.


  • MCM client is installed on the personal devices of employees, which is not always the preferred approach. Most employees would feel their privacy breached when this app is installed on their device, even if it offers them a lot of benefits.
  • Here, you must also know that the MCM client application works on Android devices. You cannot use it on iOS devices or even Android devices running on old software programs. There can be a lot of complications when it comes to installing or using the app on the desired device.
  • Another disadvantage of using this app is that it limits offline access. 


Over the past few years, many companies have come up with solutions to protect their data. MCM Client is one such solution that provides a secure solution for employees and employers to protect their company-related data and all sorts of communications. It is best that you choose the best content management solution for your mobile device if you want to maintain a culture of trust and boost productivity. 

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