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By Perry Weasley

what does gts mean in text

Did you receive a message containing the letter “GTS”? Do you not know what it stands for? Well, it can be challenging to keep track of these types of slang acronyms for Snapchat or other social media channels.

With us, you do not need to worry anymore because we will talk about the possible meanings of GTS in today’s post so that you stay on top of this lingo. Without further ado, let’s dive into this guide to find the answer!

What does GTS mean in text?

In the text, GTS simply means “Go to sleep.” You can send it to your friend, family member, or colleague when chatting with them late at night.

It is a way to give a clear signal to the recipient that it’s time to go to bed & have a sound sleep. Most people on social media do not like to say, “Go to sleep.” That’s why they send it as an abbreviated form, “GTS.”

Examples of GTS Used in Sentences

Let’s take a look at these examples of GTS used in the text!

Example 1

You: OMG, it’s almost 2 am!”

Your friend: “It’s time for you to GTS.”

Example 2

You: “I’ve finished studying for a physics paper! Feeling tired…”

Your brother: It sounds like you need GTS. 

Example 3

You: “I just finished a lengthy novel, feeling sleepy.”

Mom: “Well, GTS.“

Example 4

You: “Just met the deadline; finally free!”

Colleague: “Congrats! Enjoy the well-deserved GTS.”

Example 5

Your friend: “It’s already midnight.”

You: “Hugs! It’s GTS time!”

Example 6

You: “Long day at the beach, exhausted.”

Dad: “You need some serious GTS.”

Example 7

You: “Hurrah! I finally finished cleaning my room! Feeling beat”

Other: “Awww, sleepyhead! GTS!”

Example 8

You: “I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, buddy.”

Friend: “GTS, bye.”

Example 9

You: “I’m feeling exhausted.”

Friend: “GTS is the only option.”

Example 10

You: “I had a busy & hectic day at the office.”

Sister: “It’s time for GTS, bro.”

When should I use GTS?

In this section, we will show you when to use GTS in text.

End conversations on a positive note with GTS

If you want to wrap up your conversation & say goodnight to your friend, you can use the acronym “GTS.” It’s the best way to end a chat, especially before bedtime. You can mention that you’re heading to bed.


You: “I have to attend a lecture early tomorrow. It’s time for me to GTS!”
He: “Good night!”

Look back on some good times together!

You can add some excitement to your Snapchat stories by writing GTS on them. It allows you to express how much fun you’re going to have. 

For example:

Friend: “What are you up to today?”
You: “I’m hanging out at Alex’s night party, GTS.”

Add a fun caption to your photo

You can show your followers or friends that you’re having a great time by adding “GTS” to your snap. For example, you could share last year’s picture with your best friend with the caption “GTS!” to show how much fun you had. 

How to Respond To GTS

Now, learn how to respond to GTS in the simplest possible way.

Get to their level of excitement!

When someone shares their excitement with you using “GTS,” show them you’re just as excited! Respond with fun emojis or a lively exclamation like “WOW!” 

For example, if a friend sends you pictures of the tour with the caption “GTS in Arizona!” you should reply with this:

  • Woooooo!
  • Amazing!!
  • Rocked!
  • Looking superb!

Keep the conversation going on

When someone says “GTS,” it could mean they want to wrap things up or that they’re on the same page as you. Feel free to continue on the same topic or save it for later. 

For example:

You: “Remember our lives’ best time in Saudi Arabia’s dazzling sand?”
He: “Awwwww!!! GTS.”
You: “We should totally plan another visit soon!”

Add in some fun memories!

If you’re chatting with a friend on any social media platform about a past event & they mention “GTS,” toss in a few of your top memories from that day. It’s a great way to keep the conversation flowing & connect over shared experiences.

Friend: “I can’t stop thinking about Alexander’s sketch show from last weekend, lol. GTS!”
: “Totally! I couldn’t stop laughing at his hilarious, awkward cashier character.”

Alternative Meaning Of GTS

These are the alternative meanings of GTS in the text:

Going Through Sh*t

Most people use it whenever they are going through a very hard time. Meanwhile, when someone asks them: “How are you?”

They may reply, “Going through sh*t (GTS).”

It gives them a clear signal that his routine is very hectic & he’s feeling stressed.

So, if you are busy with your routine tasks & any of your friends ask you:

Friend: “Hi! Jack, how are you?”

You: “GTS this month.”

Google That Sh*t

You may have seen “GTS” in the comment sections of posts on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Here, people use GTS in terms of Google that sh*t to express their frustration when they do not want to answer a specific question.

We give you an example so that you better understand this context.

Someone: “How much does this gadget cost?”

You: “I do not have any idea, GTS.”

Great Times

GTS stands for “Great Times.” You can say it to wrap up a chat with your friend or coworker about a fun memory. Here is an example:

Friend: “Do you remember when we went camping together & got stuck in the woods? We were all wet, but it was so funny!”

You: “Hahahaha, yeah! It was definitely GTS!”


There you have it! Now, you are ready to navigate the world of “GTS” like an expert. Keep one thing in mind: context is the key. Whether it is a nostalgic “Good Times” or a sleepy “Go to Sleep,” now you will be able to use it according to the context & respond to it efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, chat with your friend, & use GTS whenever needed.

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