Reasons Why Playing Scrabble is Good for Your Brain

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By sadia

Reasons Why Playing Scrabble is Good for Your Brain

Scrabble is a beautiful game that is not just fun with your friends. This game requires you to think, strategize, and many more things. This game is great for your brain in many various ways and here we are going to present to you some of them.

It engages your brain

People should always look for ways to keep their minds occupied. Nowadays, we are too concentrated on things that do not matter. We lose precious brain cells while scrolling through Instagram and other social media platforms until we are ready for bed. If we are sensible, we need to constantly engage our brains in activities where we are required to think, and one such activity is without a doubt playing Scrabble. You need to devise a plan that will lead you to victory and there are many twists and turns along the way. This game is not like any other. You need to know a lot of stuff and keep learning if you want to be at the top of your game.

Boosts memory

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of playing this amazing game is the way it boosts your memory. You may think that you have a good memory but that will be put to the test if you try and compete in this game. Imagine the English dictionary with all of its words and spellings, and you need to know more of them if you want to beat your opponent. It is not just that you know more words than your opponent; you will also need to remember them at the right time. As you try to learn different words, you will see how your mnemonic techniques are developing. One good exercise for you could be to get 5-10 letters and try to get as many words as possible by making combinations with them and then compare the results at to see how successful you were. Once you have found your go-to strategy for memorization, you may utilize it in other fields and reap all the benefits of your new knowledge.

You need to constantly learn

What is amazing about this game is that if you want to be successful at it, you need to learn constantly. Many people are very competitive, and they are willing to learn the whole dictionary just so they can win. Because of these people, other players are always eager to learn more so that they do not lose the advantage they have over them. Do not think that by learning all the words and making an effort, you are just preparing for a game. No, you are not just learning new words; you are also improving many other essential skills that can come in handy in life. You are training your brain so that it can memorize better and much more efficiently, you are learning new strategies on how to learn, and many other things that you are not aware of.

You get pleasure out of it

What is great about playing these types of games is that they are really fun. We need to make sure that our brain is constantly fed with dopamine whenever we can. If you are someone who sincerely loves to play this game, this will give your brain a pleasurable time where it can show who the boss is. Also, since you are playing with your friends, that means that you are creating fun memories that you can relive once you are older.

It can relax you

Our brain needs time to relax from all the stress it endures day in and day out. We need to find ways we can relax since the things we are occupied with trouble our minds and souls. By finding a fun little game that will make our brain focus on other things, we will manage to get out of the problems that we keep in mind, at least for a short time. We need to take care of our mental health; without it, our whole body will rot and we won’t be able to do anything. Playing games like these may be something small, but if we manage to gather a bunch of these small ones, we can achieve something great.

Developing strategic thinking

For those who love strategic games, Scrabble can be a feast for the mind. On a surface level, it does not seem like there is so much depth while playing Scrabble but you would be wrong. There are so many different variations that you can go for and every one of them leads to a different outcome. You need to be able to predict your opponent’s movements and try to beat them in a battle of the minds. With each game, some new horizons will show up in your brain, and there will be some new ways you can get to victory. As your brain is developing all these strategies to win, it is strengthening in other areas, which are beneficial in all areas of life.

You are training your focus

When you play games where you have to concentrate to get the best result possible, you are also training your mind to focus more. If you do things the right way, you will be able to get into a zone where you will filter everything out except the game. This skill can be super important later in life when you must focus on getting a job done. Your ideas will be flowing and you will get much better at strategizing.

Improves vocabulary

Of course, one great benefit of playing this game is that you will learn a lot of new words and their meanings. You won’t use simple words anymore if you do not want to. You can express your thoughts fully. If you intend to go for any career path where you will have to communicate a lot if you want to prosper, then by playing this game, you will be much more eloquent and you will be able to present your ideas in a better way. Scrabble is a game that offers a lot of benefits to those who play it. You do not even realize all the improvements that are happening in your brain. With every game, you keep getting stronger and developing.