MYFlexBot Reviews – What it is and Its Key Functions

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The advent of online stores such as Amazon has allowed us to shop online. But drivers still need to manually deliver the items we buy. And this is what the Amazon Flex Program is all about.

Amazon’s Flex program allows flex drivers (delivery men) to book delivery shifts called “Blocks” from Amazon stations or local stores. Flex drivers can pick up the required packages after they accept a particular delivery.

But accepting blocks on Amazon Flex becomes challenging when there are more Flex drivers in an area than the blocks available. This is where Amazon Flex drivers utilize Flex bots. Without a flex bot, drivers have to manually reserve a shift whenever it becomes available in their area.

Myflexbot can help you secure more blocks even when you are busy driving. It can give you an advantage over others by helping you reserve more delivery shifts.

In this article, I will give you a review of Myflexbot and cover everything you need to know about it. What exactly is it, and why should you use it? I will discuss its key features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as pricing. So, let’s get started.

What is MyflexBot?

Myflexbot is an automation solution that helps flex drivers reserve delivery blocks automatically when a block becomes available. In other words, it helps flex drivers automate the process of reserving more shifts.

Flexbot is intelligent software. It can take into account aspects like your delivery route, current location, and block location. Drivers can reserve new batches as soon as they become available, even when they are busy.

Key Functions  of MyflexBot

Myflexbot offers features that focus on enhancing the Amazon drivers’ flex experience and helping them make optimum deliveries.

Effortless Task Mastery / Effortless Task Management

Flex drivers can focus on completing the deliveries at hand while Myflexbot handles upcoming tasks. Its effective task management is the key to securing more batches and making the most of Amazon Flex.

Automated Alerts

It helps end-customers keep track of their orders by automating order alerts. It informs them about the current status of their incoming orders, such as the expected delivery time.

GPS Intelligence

It has GPS intelligence. It tracks your location and only accepts the best possible blocks with respect to your current location, which saves on-road time and reduces fuel costs. It helps Flex drivers accomplish more deliveries in less time, which also means less wear and tear on the vehicle.

Customization Options

Myflexbot allows you to customize the automation process to your preference. This gives flex drivers more control over their work.

User-Friendly Interface

Myflexbot features a user-friendly interface that makes using the flexbot very easy. Anyone who is familiar with the Amazon Flex Program and knows how to use a mobile device can use the application.

The friendly interface is helpful for drivers to swiftly navigate between different sections of the app and focus on their actual work. Drivers don’t have to deal with complications and spend hours understanding what is what.

Safety Measurements

It also features some safety measurements to ensure safe usage of their services. It inspects flex drivers’ behavior and keeps the users informed about the ongoing deals.


Secure more Blocks

With the automated bots deployed by Myflexbots, flex drivers can secure more blocks without having to get into the nitty-gritty and the hassle of swiping and tapping on their phones because it does the job automatically.

Save fuel Cost

With the rise in fuel costs, driving long distances can be crucial for making the most of this business. Myflexbot takes care of that. It is an intelligent solution for flex drivers, saving them fuel costs by only accepting the blocks that are optimal in terms of the delivery routes.

Become a Trusted Driver

Myflexbot ensures a good customer experience by auto-sending them batch details such as location and estimated time of arrival. A good customer experience translates into better feedback and trustworthiness, ultimately leading to a good reputation among users.

Deliver Safely

Myflexbot emphasizes quality work by automating the entire flex process. This can increase responsibility among flex drivers, as they don’t have to worry about getting new orders and checking their phones for the latest information about the work.

Is MyflexBot Safe?

Although it is the most reliable automation bot available online, drivers are always concerned about whether or not using Myflexbot is safe, according to Amazon.

The answer to the question is “no.” Amazon has made it clear in the past that using any flex bots to gain an advantage over other flex drivers in Amazon Flex is forbidden. And Myflexbot is not an exception.

Using Myflexbot or any other alternative flex bot to auto-grab blocks in Amazon Flex is considered unfair by the authority.

Can you get caught using a Flex Bot?

Amazon has set its algorithm to detect any violation of its code of conduct in its Flex Program. So, it is possible to get caught using a flex bot if an Amazon algorithm detects a flex bot associated with your Amazon account.

Does Amazon Penalize you if you get caught using a Flex Bot?

If Amazon finds out that a driver is using flex bots to auto-grab batches, it can penalize the flex driver.

The first and most common type of penalty is a soft block. For reference, a soft block is a kind of temporary ban. Users who face a soft block are banned from accepting any block offers, but they can accept instant and exclusive offers.

However, continuous violations of Amazon’s policies can result in permanent account deactivation and termination. A user whose account is terminated cannot access the Flex app.

Myflexbot Login Process

Logging into the Myflexbot is easy thanks to its user-friendly interface and design. Just follow these given steps:

  1. Create an Account: The first thing you need to do is create a MyflexBot account to get started. You can use the methods given by the platform to sign up for an account. This can be done by using a simple email address.
  2. Log in to Account: After you successfully sign up for a Myflexbot account, proceed to logging into your account and getting started.
  3. Log into Myflexbot Account: Now you need to attach your Myflexbot account to your Amazon Flex account, and that’s about it!

After attaching your account to your Amazon Flex, you can start utilizing the services provided by this flex bot.

MyFlexBot vs Competitors

We know that MyflexBot is not the only flex bot provider out there. Then why use flexBot? What sets this flexible automation solution apart from others?

It is the best flex automation solution. It offers the best flex automation experience for flex drivers. Its diverse features and flawless bot operations give its competitors a tough time.

Some other platforms are also up to the competition, but according to my own research, Myflexbot is the best option so far. One reason is because it focuses on the quality of Flex services and customer satisfaction.


MyflexBot is a freemium solution, offering its users a free trial and a paid plan. The free trial has its limitations. Interested users can try the app out by opting for the free plan at first; if the app is up to their expectations, they can get the paid version.

Wrapping Up

Myflexbot is an automation solution for Amazon Flex. It is used to auto-grab the Amazon Flex delivery shifts, also known as “blocks.” It has a lot of features to assist Amazon Flex drivers so that they can secure as many delivery shifts as possible. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use the app and increases work efficiency.

However, Myflexbot is a risky solution because auto-grabbing blocks is against Amazon’s policies. Using this app to reserve blocks can result in a ban on working in Amazon Flex.

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