MacBook Air Flexgate – What’s The Actual Problem?

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macbook air flexgate

The MacBook is no doubt one of the most impressive gadgets produced by Apple. The MacBook provides a high-quality experience as a personal computer to users of all ages, but you must also know that many petty issues are associated with this premium machine. Here in this article, we will discuss one of the most common issues, the MacBook Air Flexgate, or, shall we call it, a nightmare, faced by users of MacBooks!

What is the Flexgate issue?

Flexgate refers to a backlight display problem in most MacBook Pro models! This problem is associated with a faulty flex cable. Flexgate is generally used to describe display problems in the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks.

The typical cause of this problem is a flaw in the display ribbon cable, and you would notice it if you noticed the display light dimming, a flickering display, or even if the display screen stopped working at certain angles.

If you are facing the Flexgate issue with your MacBook, don’t worry; you are not alone. Thousands of users from all around the globe have reported this issue. Let’s check out what causes the Flexgate issue on the MacBook!

What Causes the MacBook Flexgate Issue?

The old design of the MacBook was revamped in 2016, after which this issue started to arise. The logic board, also known as the display controller of a MacBook, was previously fixed in the hinge cover or at the bottom of the display panel, and because it was part of the lid, it was never disturbed, so users faced no issues.

In 2016, the design was changed, and the flex cable was connected to the display controller at the bending point of the lid, which is the most delicate part of the MacBook. Due to the constant opening and closing of the lid, the flex cable tends to break or bend over, which causes the display to go out or become dull.

The flex cable contains multiple cables, and damaging any of these ribbons causes the display to malfunction. The damage to the Flexgate can be seen in different stages that we have also listed below for your knowledge.

  • When the basic wire connections get damaged, the stage light effect in the display will start appearing.
  • The next stage is when the display goes blank when you open the MacBook lid beyond the half-point. This is when the flex wire has cracked but is connected to the core when it is lost.
  • The last stage is when the cable is completely torn and the backlight fails. At this stage, the MacBook screen is going to go completely black!

In addition, the display backlight occasionally or continuously displays bright areas at the bottom of the screen, indicating that the Flexgate issue is affecting your MacBook Pro.

Can the Flexgate problem on a MacBook be fixed?

Now that you know your MacBook Pro has the Flexgate issue, you must wonder whether it is fixable or if your hundreds of dollars have gone down the drain!

The good news is that the Flexgate issue is repairable.

But you must note that this repair cannot be done at home as it is a very complicated and delicate task requiring many skills, technical experience, and the right equipment.

Here, you must know that, in most cases, the damaged or broken flex cable would require replacement with a new one. The replacement cable must be of better quality and longer than the original one so that the same issue doesn’t happen again.

We recommend you not trust your MacBook repair with any 3rd party vendors and always go for an authorized Apple service provider to repair the MacBook Air Flexgate issue. If you are trying to repair the MacBook on your own or are trusting an unqualified technician for this task, there is a big probability that you can end up damaging your machine.

It is very important to contact Apple Care if you are facing a Flexgate issue and your MacBook is still under warranty.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Flexgate on a MacBook?

The MacBook Pro Flexgate repair cost can vary depending on your model. Generally, the amount needed to fix this issue would be around $250–$350. This cost is for models including A1707, A1708, and A1706, so you can get them repaired in this price range if you have any of these models. Typically, this issue can be resolved in one to two business days, so you don’t have to worry about delays.


Common Symptoms of Flexgate

Before you call Apple Care or contact a third-party repair service to help you with this problem, we suggest you check your device for the following symptoms:

Backlight Bleeding

Backlight bleeding directly refers to the problem where the light from the display shines right through the areas of the laptop screen where it generally shouldn’t. So if you see any light in the form of patches or spots around the edges of the display, your MacBook is facing the Flexgate issue. The backlight bleeding issue is quite distracting and one of the most common symptoms of Flexgate.

Flickering Display

Flickering display is another common symptom of damaged Flex cable. If you see rapid changes in the screen brightness of your MacBook, it clearly shows a problem with the display. The flickering issue indicates that the flex cable has become faulty. Due to the flickering display, it can be problematic for you to use the laptop as it can strain the eyes.

Dimmed or Dark Areas

Dark areas on your laptop or completely blacked-out sections on your screen are also a clear indication of the Flexgate problem. This symptom would only occur when the display cables deteriorated. As a result, certain parts of the screen would stop getting power or signals, eventually making them blacked out.

Ways to Fix the MacBook Air Flexgate Issue

In this section, we have listed some common tips and ways to help you address this issue and solve the Flexgate error.

  • First, before you attempt to make any fixes by yourself, you need to check whether your MacBook is still under warranty. If yes, then you need to contact Apple Care and ask them for technical assistance.
  • If you are facing a flickering issue, there is a chance that it might be because of a faulty display angle. This issue might get resolved on its own if you reboot your laptop.
  • You can connect your MacBook to an external display system so that you don’t have to face the dark sections on the screen. If the external display device works fine, then it means that there is something wrong with the Flex cable on your laptop.
  • You can also opt for DIY cable replacement. There have been cases where users have managed to replace their faulty cables independently, but this is not a technical task, and you can put your laptop at risk by damaging other parts.
  • If your warranty is outdated and you don’t want to solve the problem yourself, you can always ask for third-party assistance. There are many Apple-certified technicians out there who can help you with cable replacement.

Experts also recommend that once you start seeing the early signs of Flexgate issues, it is best that you take preventive measures. It is best to open or close the MacBook lid gently and avoid putting any pressure on the screen. If you have a set working space, it is best that you leave the lid open at all times.

What Models Are Affected by the Flexgate Problem?

Not every MacBook comes with the Flexgate issue, so you don’t have to stress for no reason. Here, we have listed the models that have reportedly been more frequently impacted by this problem:

  • A1707 MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016-17, Touch Bar model)
  • A1706 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016-17, Touch Bar model)
  • A1708 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016-17, non-Touch Bar model)

In 2018, Apple modified the design of the MacBook to address this issue; ever since then, the problem has become less common in the newer models.

Does the MacBook Air have a Flexgate issue as well?

The flexgate issue was more commonly reported to affect the MacBook Pro models, but we have also seen many users of the MacBook Air complain about this problem. This display issue is directly related to damaging the flex cable, so it can affect any laptop or MacBook model that is not being used gently. If you are excessively opening and closing your laptop lid or putting pressure on the screen, there is a good chance that you will end up damaging the flex wire and display of your MacBook Air.


The MacBook air flexgate issue is very common in models manufactured between 2015 and 2018, so if you have purchased your laptop during this time and are facing display issues, there is always a chance that you have damaged your flex cable, which connects the core to the display.

In this article, we have discussed this problem, its common symptoms, and some tips that can help you resolve it. If you are facing the flexgate issue, we urge you to contact Apple support and let them assist you instead of trusting any unskilled technician who could ruin your laptop!

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