History Made – The World’s Longest Discord Call In 2024

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By Perry Weasley

longest discord call

Discord is a social media platform that stands out from other platforms because of its audio and video call features. It allows users to communicate with others over the internet. It has been available since 2015 and allows users to create groups for a variety of purposes.

Statistics reveal that Discord had a monthly user count of 154 million in January 2023, which is slightly higher than the 150 million users in September 2021. People love to call each other in groups, and there is even a competition going on to see who can make the longest Discord call.

The calls have gotten so long that no social media app or telecom company has even considered attempting something like this. So why do people make these calls? Are they just trying to set a world record, or are there deeper motivations at play? These long calls are not just about fame and pop culture trends. They are about community.

They connect people across borders and build long-term relationships. In short, these epic Discord calls prove that the platform can uniquely connect people. If you want to know the world’s longest Discord call, keep reading this guide.

What is the longest Discord call ever in 2024?

The record for the longest Discord call goes to SlashedPort, a user who has been maintaining a call for over two years. 

longest discord call

Supalsaiah016, a user who maintained a call for 5,671 hours, held the previous record.

SlashedPort’s call is still going strong (18,944 hours as of this writing), and it is a testament to the friendship and camaraderie that can be found in an online community like Discord.

How is it proven that this was the longest call ever?

Keeping a Discord call going for weeks or months may seem like an impossible task, but it is all about a few simple things.

First and foremost, you need an uninterrupted internet connection. Discord automatically disconnects your call if it senses an internet or technical issue, so you need a stable connection.

Another issue is Discord’s automatic disconnection. The call will end if you are alone for five minutes and inactive. 

So, how do you stay active consistently to avoid disconnection?

This is where SlashedPort reveals its secret: alternative accounts, also known as “alts,” which are duplicate accounts with different credentials.

For example, if you have an official Discord profile linked to your main phone number and your Gmail account, you can create an alternate account with a different email address and phone number. 

This makes it easy for you to switch between your official Discord profile and activity, which is key to keeping your engagement consistent.

Do not forget that SlashedPort’s team did not use bots to manage their calls. Instead, they relied on human interaction.

In addition, SlashedPort also mentioned that their team utilizes BetterDiscord, a Discord extension that offers customization options, but they use the extension’s plugins specifically to monitor the call timer so they are always aware of the call’s duration.

To sum up, maintaining a Discord call for an extended period of time requires a reliable internet connection, regular activity, and the strategic use of alternate accounts (alt) to keep people engaged. This is how SlashedPort accomplished this task.

Can Discord Calls Be Long?

Yes, Discord calls can be very long.

In fact, in some cases, these calls can be incredibly long, lasting for weeks or even months. There are a few factors and strategies that allow you to have long calls on Discord.

Constant Internet Connection

Discord depends on your internet connection to keep your voice and video communication going. If your internet connection is frequently interrupted or drops, it can cause your call to be disconnected.


Second, you need to stay active and engaged in your conversation. Discord has an auto-detonation feature that kicks in when a user is inactive in a call for a long period of time, usually around five minutes (as stated earlier).

During long calls, people often use text chat or voice messages to stay active and avoid being marked as “inactive.”

Extensions and Plugins 

Some users use extensions and plugins to customize their Discord calls. These plugins allow you to track call duration, so you know exactly how long your call is active.

Alternative Accounts

Some users use alternative accounts to maintain continuous activity. 

Alt accounts are separate Discord accounts with different credentials (e.g., email address, phone number). By switching between alt accounts, you can make sure that you are always active in your Discord calls.

Customization and Flexibility

Discord provides a platform that allows you to customize your experience. This includes changing settings like voice and video quality to fit your call.

How do you make a Discord call?

In order to make a Discord call, you first need to be friends with them. How do I become friends with others?

Make Friends 

Follow these steps to send a friend request:

On a Computer 

  • First, you need to click on the Discord logo in the upper left corner of your Home screen.
  • Now is the time to tap on “Friends” on the left side. 
  • Press the green ‘Add Friend’ button
  • You will need to know the Discord tag (ExampleTag#1234)
  • If you are on the Discord server with him, click on his username and then his picture. You will see the green ‘Send friend request’ button.

On a Mobile Phone 

To add a person, go to the bottom of your Discord app, locate the person you want to add, and tap on them.

Next, tap on the person marked with a plus in the top-right corner of your screen.

You can add people using three different methods:

  1. By typing in the Discord tag (e.g., ExampleTag #1234),
  2. By using the nearby scan feature
  3. By using “Find Your Friends.”

Begin a Call

Setting up a call is easy, especially since there is no difference between voice calls and video calls.

For example, one way to set up a call is to start it with audio only, and the other is to start with everyone on video.

Can you have multiple Discord calls?

No, you cannot have multiple Discord voice calls at the same time using the same account. 

Discord only allows you to join one voice chat at a time. If you join a second voice chat while you are already on a call, you will be disconnected from the first one.

Keep in mind that Discord’s primary design only allows you to engage in a single voice call at the same time. The choice of using different accounts should be based on your specific needs, taking into account privacy and security considerations.

Can Multiple People Join a Discord Call?

Setting up a Discord group call is easy. You can open the DM you want or follow the steps above. When you are ready, click the call icon, and it will start a call for everyone in your group. 

As people join, you will see their avatars stop glowing and turn green, indicating they are actively broadcasting their voices. 

If someone mutes or deafens themselves while on the call, they will also get a mute/deafen icon next to their avatar. 

The best part about Discord group calls? They are flexible. 

You can join and leave the call whenever you want. This means that as long as there’s at least one other person on the call, everyone in the group can join in and keep the conversation going. 

This helps ensure that communication runs smoothly, taking into account everyone’s schedule and participation levels.


The world record for Discord calls has now stood for 18,994 hours. This incredible record belongs to a Discord user named SlashedPort, who started this call with his friends on March 17, 2021.

What’s even more amazing is that this call is still going strong at the time of this writing. 

SlashedPort’s commitment to this call, combined with the collective efforts of his friends, is a testament to the strength of digital relationships and the lasting sense of community that can be found on platforms like Discord.

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