Beats Studio 4 – Specs, Release Date, and More!

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beats studio 4

In the realm of premium headphones, one name has consistently stood out: Beats by Dre. Renowned for its stylish design and remarkable sound quality, the brand has garnered a devoted following.

With the upcoming arrival of Beats Studio 4, excitement and speculation are running high. The thing that makes this brand so exciting is its long history.

Once you start using a Beats headset, it will work for years without getting damaged. You will only change your device when you get bored and want to update the headphones.

If we talk about Beats Studio 4, it has become the most popular choice among users that they want to see on the market.

Even though this version has not been released and is expected to be released in 2023, users are eagerly waiting for these headphones.

The features that people want to see in this model are the noise cancellation, vibrant colours, appealing design, and most importantly, compatibility with Android.

Let’s delve deeper into the particulars of Beats Studio 4 design, anticipated features, potential release date, and much more.

The Design of Beats Studio 4

Beats headphones have long had modern aesthetics that resonate with the recent generation.

While the official design of the Studio 4 is still a mystery, the leaks and rumours circulating suggest that the headphones will retain their signature sleek and modern appearance.

Moreover, elegant contours, premium materials that show luxury, and an ergonomic design are aimed at providing hours of comfortable wear.

Beats Studio 4 Release Date

As per authentic resources, the exact launch date of Beats Studio 4 is yet to be confirmed. The timing of such releases can often be subject to tech industry trends or significant technological advancements.

However, there are rumours that the latest model will be released in fall 2023, so customers will have to wait until then.

Price Prediction

Before getting an idea about the price of Beats Studio 4, it is quite important to know the rates of older models so the prediction can be proved right.

When the first model of Beats Studio was released, the launch price was $299, and the price was maintained with the launch of Beats Studio 2. That means you could buy a new Beats headset at this rate.

When Beats Studio 3 was released, its price was kept at $350, and people were paying this amount to get this model.

As can be seen, the price of the latest model is $350, so you can’t write the price of Beats Studio 4 lower than $350. It would be more than the price of the Studio 3 version.

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The Feature Upgrades That Everyone Wants to See

Since the model was upgraded by Beats, everyone is looking for some amazing features that could distinguish this model from the previous one.

However, Beats Studio 3 is full of features, and it made people very happy when they used this headset.

Now, people are expecting something extra in Beats Studio 4. The most prominent thing that attracts  users is the new design, and customers want to see a new style of headset.

Moreover, most users are fond of changing colours, so it is also expected that the colour range will be expanded in the latest model.

In terms of battery timing, Beats Studio 3 is quite effective and lasts for around 40 hours; however, it dropped down to 22 hours after switching to ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

Now people want a set that could have a runtime of around 3 to 4 days. So, this is another feature that everyone wants to see in Beats Studio 4.

Does Apple Still Own Beats?

Indeed, Apple Inc. acquired Beats by Dre in 2014 for a shocking $3 billion. This strategic achievement enabled Apple to influence Beats’ proficiency in audio engineering and join it seamlessly into its own ecosystem of products. 

Consequently, Beats continues to function as a subsidiary of Apple, crafting headphones and audio accessories that bear the Beats badge.

Are Beats Studio 3 Discontinued?

Not yet. Beat Studio is still available on the market, and people can even purchase a new headset because its production has not stopped. Once Beats Studio 4 hits the market, production of Beats Studio 3 will be discontinued.

Studio 3 is also a good option as it comes with a lot of amazing features, so if you want to get it at a cheap rate, you should wait until Studio Beats 4 gets launched.

This will be a good opportunity as the asking price will come down and you will have an amazing headphone set at a cheap rate that your friends would have bought at full price.

Last Words

The intense expectation surrounding Beats Studio 4 underscores the enduring appeal of the brand and the lofty expectations that consumers hold. 

Although specifics remain veiled, the amalgamation of sophisticated design, advanced features, and the influence of Apple implies that the Studio 4 has the potential to make a resounding impact in the premium headphone arena.


So far, we have discussed all the important points related to Beats Studio 4. There are some questions that people frequently ask about Beats, and we are going to explain them here.

Will there be a Beats Studio 4?

Despite the absence of official confirmation, it’s highly probable that Beats is assured to unveil a Studio 4 model, building upon the successes of its previous models. 

When did Studio 4 Beats come out?

The launch date of Studio 4 has not been confirmed yet by the officials; however, it is believed that the headset will be launched in spring 2023.

Are Beats coming out with new studio headphones?

Given the consistent evolution of technology and product cycles, the likelihood of new Beats Studio headphones, potentially including the Studio 4, is strong.

Will there be new Beats in 2023?

Yes. After the successful launch of Beats Studio 3,  Beats is considering introducing Studio 4 in 2023, and people are eagerly waiting for this latest model.

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